Gender Identity Ideology

At Risk: The Very Meaning of the Word “Woman”

In efforts to reduce discrimination against people who claim to be transgendered, the media, workplaces, and government agencies are implementing policies based on Gender Identity. Gender Identity is the belief that we are all born with an internal sense of gender, and sometimes our bodies do not match this internal sense.

If a male can be a woman, and a female can be a man, the words ‘woman’ and ‘man’ lose their essential meanings. What happens to women’s rights when sex is no longer the basis for the definition of the word woman? We’re already seeing the impacts: boys winning girls’ track meets, men in women’s shelters and prisons committing sexual assaults, and children treated with experimental, life altering, medical procedures, just to name a few. Gender Identity is sold as a human rights issue, so the right of every person to freedom of belief and speech is at stake as well.

More to come…

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We’ll be exploring in depth:

  • History of Gender Identity Ideology
  • Common claims and misinformation
  • Impacts on women’s spaces
  • Impacts on Women’s sports
  • Transitioning of Children
  • Desistance and Detransition
  • Impacts on Gay Rights
  • WA State law and policies
  • Impacts on Government statistics
  • Censorship

Currently we’re focusing our work on Gender Identity. Members are also concerned with:

  • Prostitution: The “Sex Work” as Work Fallacy
  • The Normalization of Pornography
  • Contemporary Slavery & Trafficking
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Maternity & Child Rearing
  • Medical Care & Women Focused Research